Links to photos with amusing stories of my foreign shenanigans:

Iceland 2012: snowmobiling on glaciers, being rescued by friendly electricians, and floating in the Blue Lagoon

Geneve 2012: Running up the Alps, wandering through the gardens

Croatia 2012: Wine & Jazz festival, gorgeous beaches, and the old city

Praha, Nelehozeves 2012: Partying with rock stars and Dvorak

Czech Countryside, Kutna Hora 2012: The Skull chapel, hiking through the woods

Republica Dominicana 2012: Gua Gua rides, dancing, caves, and Columbus

Bir, Himachal Pradesh 2012: Teaching English to monks, riding motorcycles, and freezing: read more

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh 2011-12 : New Years’ and The Dalai Lama

Salzburg 2010: Mozart and Christmas

Wien 2010: More Mozart.  More Christmas.

Nantucket 2010: Flowers and sailboats.

England 2010: Visiting family and friends; London again.

Paris 2010: Bribing the police

Roma 2010: Gelato and the Colosseum

Barcelona 2010: Gaudi, daiquiris, clubbing, and beaches

Valencia 2010: Bullfights and old friends

Madrid 2010: A Barbecue and touring the city

Amsterdam 2010: Boat rides.

Edinburgh 2010: Lochs, castles, and whiskey

Shekhawati 2010: Painted homes and malaria

Jaipur 2010: Riding elephants in the beautiful pink city

Agra 2010: Taj Mahal

Delhi 2010: The Red Fort, chaos, and shopping

Bahamas 2009: Choir cruise

Washington, D.C. 2008: Choir tour

Maui, Kauai 2008

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